Is replacing a driveway a good investment?

You can definitely get a great return on your investment. At a minimum, increasing the value of your property will cover the cost of the driveway. The amount of added value may fluctuate.

The concrete driveways

look great and provide a stable surface for vehicles to circulate smoothly.

You can also increase the value of your home if you install a concrete driveway, and it's a worthwhile investment. Whether it's increasing home value or curb appeal, let's take a look at why you can't go wrong when you install a concrete driveway. Forgot your username If so, please contact customer service at (5) 658-9252. If your driveway cannot be repaired, your concreting canberra contractor will likely recommend replacing it. Many homeowners shudder at the idea of replacing their driveways.

They consider it one of the most expensive home improvement projects. However, an entry replacement project doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Resurfacing is more common on asphalt driveways, but can also be completed in a concrete driveway. Keep reading to learn how to differentiate between minor issues that require repairs and signs that you may need a completely new driveway.

Asphalt driveways can last 20-25 years if properly installed and maintained, a big investment. Because of all the prep work involved, installing an asphalt driveway might not be a DIY option for beginners. While you may not get a dollar-for-dollar return on investment, a new entry will add more appeal to your home than a patched or cracked driveway, which could quickly scare potential buyers. Paved driveways also offer the benefits of reduced winter maintenance, improved exterior appeal and a clean car.

But placing an impeccable stretch of driveway pavement is like giving your house a red carpet entrance. Consider extending your driveway if you are going to follow the repaving route, as being able to place two cars side by side is an important advantage that homeowners look for. If your home is the only one with a paved driveway while the other houses are worse off, your home values skyrocket. The lifespan of a driveway depends on factors such as weather and maintenance, but is mainly determined by the material.

According to Jamie Owen, an Ohio appraiser and host of the Home Value Stories podcast, neighborhood context matters a lot when weighing the value of a paved driveway. If homes move quickly in your market due to high demand and prime location, it is quite possible that the aesthetic cracks in your driveway, assuming that they are actually aesthetic, and that the driveway is healthy, could have little or no impact on the sale. Resurfacing includes replacing the top layer of concrete or asphalt rather than tearing it completely or patching small portions.